Hi! I'm Taki. 24. BSc in mathematics. Lazy artist. Mentally ill. I love Irabu very much.
I first watched Kuuchuu Buranko in November 2018. At first it was just another anime, but episode 7 was the turning point where I realised that I was developing some serious feelings for Irabu. After finishing the series these feelings only grew stronger. A lot of stuff happened along the way, and I was distant from him for a while, but in January 2022 I once again realised how much he meant to me, and ever since April 2022 I have been with him consistently.
There is no-one else who understands me so perfectly, who embodies my ideals so perfectly. His confidence and passion guides me. He is my one and only. I love him.
If you need to find me for any reason, or just want to say hi, send me an email at taki@irabu.love.